My Journey into Holistic Management

Bare Ground is Enemy Number One
How it Began
Elizabeth and I have 6 adult children. They, as all young adults do, are making a life with their partners and children. We are indeed very proud of all of them. Ours is a most fortunate family because somehow we have been able to maintain harmony between not only our children, but also their chosen partners. We wanted to enrich all of our lives by providing a central family point where they are happy to come and be together. I came up with the idea of developing a "Grandpa's World" I knew that if the grandchildren loved the experience, so too would their parents. There is only one rule at Grandpa's World: "Its me and the grandchildren, vs the common enemy - their parents"
We chose a 620acre farm tucked away in the Bega Valley. Our farm, "Dunblane" is 35 minutes from the beach and the popular holiday resort town of Merimbula. It is 90 minutes from Jindabyne and the NSW ski fields. It is surrounded by National Park.
Easy access to Melbourne and Sydney is possible because of a reliable Regional Air Service.

In December 2010 we moved from "the big smoke" in pursuit of a new dream.

As I write we are in our third year at Grandpa's World. There is no doubt that it has been a wonderful decision. We love the area.The children and grandchildren visit often and make it all worthwhile. The local people have been most welcoming and certainly very helpful in navigating us through the decision making maze called

Lynn 22.11.2015 12:11

I read all the way through again. Well done, Paddy - super proud of you.

Robyn Haynes 15.11.2015 05:01

Paddy, I have very much enjoyed reading this page. I look forward to exploring the other posts. Thanks to you and Liz for your wonderful hospitality.

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28.04 | 17:47

Wow, I lived on the Haye's farmstead for a couple of years, crazy to hear of this fire coming through. Hope I can visit again one day.

15.08 | 01:17

This is all brilliantly documented Paddy - am so totally inspired by how you have transformed Dunblane.

31.07 | 06:36

Hi Peter, exciting indeed. Suggest you contact a Rory O'Leary at BVSC. He is the economic development officer. Big focus on Eden Another

31.07 | 02:48

Sounds exciting! I'd like to discuss how this might fit in with some other opportunities for the Port of Eden.