An Amazing Mother and Grandmother

The "manne" Ollie, Tom, Josh, Luke and Harry
Elizabeth has always kept her life simple. She wants nothing more than to be involved with her children and grandchildren. GPW is perfect for that.
Her abiding passion is horses. She has actively pursued this love since early childhood. We continue to develop and improve our equestrian facilities at GPW. A huge dream has been to live in a large old farm house surrounded by a beautiful established garden. In our home there are literally piles of horse magazines and Garden and Home magazines

And One Girl, Marley. Yay!! (there is soon to be one more. just not sure if a boy or a girl)
Somehow, over the years we always found ourselves in modern homes and designing new gardens.

At Dunblane, the old farmhouse is about 140 years old. It was built as a staging post for travellers en route to Melbourne. The garden was established by Audrey Hayes back in 1980's. For years it was a show garden and quite famous in the district.

So it just goes to show if you never give up on your dreams, they will come true. Ask Liz!
Rossi: Bred by Liz and raised by her.
THe Grandkids Squad. 5 boys and ONE GIRL Yay!!

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28.04 | 17:47

Wow, I lived on the Haye's farmstead for a couple of years, crazy to hear of this fire coming through. Hope I can visit again one day.

15.08 | 01:17

This is all brilliantly documented Paddy - am so totally inspired by how you have transformed Dunblane.

31.07 | 06:36

Hi Peter, exciting indeed. Suggest you contact a Rory O'Leary at BVSC. He is the economic development officer. Big focus on Eden Another

31.07 | 02:48

Sounds exciting! I'd like to discuss how this might fit in with some other opportunities for the Port of Eden.